How to Decorate Your Dollhouse in Four Steps

If you thought building a dollhouse was fun, wait until you get to the decorating phase. From Victorian style to modern, quirky or something in between, you can decorate your dollhouse however you please.

But just like decorating your own home, there are some general design rules you want to follow to make sure your rooms look well put together.

1.    Don’t Leave Tables and Dressers Bare

It’s the details that make a house a home, and the same can be said for a dollhouse. Placing coffee tables, night stands and dressers in rooms gives you more space for little accessories. A pile of tiny books on a table next to the sofa adds charm and brings the room to life.

A vase of miniature flowers on the dining table or a collection of pillar candles on the mantle by the fireplace will make your dollhouse feel like a home.

2.    Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

It’s all about the details, right? Adding on to the first point, accessories can really bring your rooms to life.


Add miniature towels to the shelves in the bathroom, and don’t forget the wastebasket. From miniature toothbrush cups to plants, shampoo bottles, and everything in between, you can find miniature versions of everything you’d find in a typical human bathroom. And these same accessories can be found for every single room in your dollhouse.

From wall clocks to miniature pots and pans, lamps, and everything in between, you’ll find everything you need to accessorize your dollhouse.

3.    Personalize Your Space

Take a look around your home. In every room, you’ll find traces of yourself and your personality. Your dollhouse should be no different.

Hang miniature photos of your family on the wall. Choose the colors and décor items that you would put in your own home. If you love crafting, add a craft room. If you love to paint, make one room your miniature art studio.

Adding a little personality to your dollhouse will make it more appealing.

4.    Use Basic Design Principles

Decorating a dollhouse is really no different from decorating your own home – just on a much smaller scale.

Use the same basic design principles you would use when decorating a real-life room:

  • Place art pieces above furniture to create balance. Hang just a little above the furniture to create an eye-pleasing connection.
  • Group objects of different shapes and sizes using an asymmetrical arrangement.
  • Avoid using accessories of the same height and scale (e.g. candles or books).
  • Choose colors that coordinate well, or go for a monochromatic scheme.

Use these four tips when decorating your dollhouse to add personality and bring each room to life.