Dollhouse Wallpaper How-to

Dollhouses often include wallpaper, and you can make your dollhouse truly unique with a little interior sprucing up. The wallpaper is easy to apply, or you can also paint the walls of the home if you don’t want to add wallpaper.

But when you’re trying to recreate a period house, you’ll find that wallpaper was once hip and exciting.

Georgian period homes had their walls covered in wallpaper, and when recreating one of these homes as a dollhouse, wallpaper is a must.

period dollhouse

Start Before the Walls are Fully Assembled

If you’re assembling your dollhouse, wait right there. You want to apply the wallpaper before the walls are fully assembled. It’s very difficult to fit your large hands inside of a dollhouse to apply wallpaper to the walls.

When the walls aren’t fully assembled, you’ll have more room to work.

Choosing Wallpaper

Specialty wallpaper or wallpaper designed for dollhouses can be used in the home. I suggest using wallpaper designed for dollhouses, and you’ll have an easy time finding most period wallpapers, too.

Each room will require 3 sheets of wallpaper – one for each wall.

Since the front of the room is open, you’ll need just three instead of four complete sheets.

Once you’ve chosen your wallpaper, it’s time to apply it to your dollhouse and transform the interior.

Placing the Wallpaper

Special gel is available to put the wallpaper on the wall of a dollhouse. Glue tends to wrinkle the paper, and this is too much work for a dollhouse. Glue-backed wallpaper is available, too, but be careful when applying.

You’ll need to sand the walls gently, and it’s recommended that you paint the wall white. Once this is done, you’ll need to:

  • Cut the wallpaper to size
  • Use a razor and ruler to refine the trim as needed
  • Spread the gel or glue on the back of the wallpaper
  • Gently apply the wallpaper to the wall
  • Use a credit card to smooth the wallpaper into place
  • Trim any openings with an X-acto knife as necessary

You’ll find that the first wall is the hardest. Once you get accustomed to applying and cutting the paper, it will get much easier. Keep in mind that the reason to paint the wall before application is to keep the glue from seeping into the wood.

Paint will act as a barrier, and while not a necessity, it can help protect the dollhouse further.

I recommend applying the wallpaper from the top down and using a credit card from top to bottom to ensure the wallpaper is flush and bump-free.