A Message from the President

Dear Members,

I felt honoured to be asked to continue as President for another term and agreed to do so with the proviso that one of our younger members be encouraged to ease into the role during that period.   It was a pleasure to welcome to the Council, Alan Farrell as Vice President, Paul Eaton as Treasurer, Jacqui Eaton as Membership Secretary and    Kay Petryszak founder of the Federation, who was invited to remain on the Council as mentor.

During the Conference a vote of thanks was recorded to Brian Bell, who served as Treasurer for many years.   Members wished Brian good health in his retirement.

A vote of thanks was also recorded to Caroline Hayes who was associated with the WFM since its inception in 1995.   Caroline was Membership Secretay for many years and took on the role of President following the death of WFM  President Sue Burton in 1998.

Caroline was a tremendous supporter of every exhibition and conference, offering assistance and advice to each Society hosting a WFM Exhibition and Conference.   Caroline greatly assisted me personally during my terms as President.   Members wished her all the best in the future and hoped she would continue with her painting and music.