Miniature Painting: "Notre-Dame de Paris" by Chris R.

      “Notre-Dame de Paris”  by Chris R.

The World Federation of Miniaturists was formed in 1995 following an initiative by the Miniature Artists of America. The first Society to assume its management was the Miniature Arts Society of Florida under the joint Chairmanship of Kay Petryszak and Wally Curtis.

We are a loosely structured organisation of miniature art groups united by a common purpose – expanding global participation, and the understanding of and support for miniature art. The diversity and the creative and expressive freedoms of participing groups are fully respected, there being no desire to impose predetermined artistic requirements. All miniaturists are embraced in the international fellowship of the WFM through the membership of their respective societies. In addition, individual artists and friends of the arts are encouraged to become WFM Support Members.

The management of the affairs of the Federation is directed by an international Council communicating by e-mail. Member societies organise the 4 yearly exhibitions and seminars.

The first World Exhibition of Miniature Art was held in November 1995 in London, in conjunction with the 100th Anniversary Exhibition of the Royal Miniature Painters, Sculptors and Gravers Society (RMS). The second World Exhibition took place in Hobart, Tasmania, in September 2000 and was hosted by the Australian Society of Miniature Art (Tasmania). The third World Exhibition was held at the International Gallery, Ripley Center, Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC in 2004 and was hosted by the Miniature Painters Sculpors and Gravers Society of Washington DC.  The fourth World Exhibition was held at the Burnie Regional Art Gallery, Burnie, Tasmania in 2008 and was hosted by the Australian Society of Miniature Art (Tasmania). The fifth World Exhibition was held in Moscow during September, 2012.   The sixth WFM Exhibition is to be hosted by the Miniature Art Society of South Africa in 2016.   For further information please visit the Message from the President and the Exhibitions pages.