A Message from the President of the World Federation of Miniaturists

The 6th World Federation of Miniaturists Exhibition is now over and what a wonderful exhibition it was.    Two hundred and ninety four tiny artworks from ninety six miniaturists world wide  were displayed in the Hyde Park complex in Johannesburg from the 16th to the 21st February, 2016.    The standard of work on display was extremely high and members of the public showed their appreciation by purchasing more than one hundred tiny pieces.   We look forward to publishing many photographs as WFM  members attending send us their pictures.

We would like to thank the President of MASSA, Daphne Carew and her committee for providing such an enjoyable event for everyone who attended the exhibition opening  and the conference.

A special thank you also to tour guide Sue Christie for ensuring that everyone was well cared for throughout all tours.    The tours she arranged were well organised and thoroughly enjoyed by all who took part.

Joan Kelly